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1. Ganja Flower

Written by G.T. Moore

2. Ganja Flower Dub

3. Divided City

Written by G.T. Moore

4. Divided City Dub

5. New Day Dub

6. Turn Israel

Written by G.T. Moore

7. Turn Israel Dub
8. Sound Of The Ghetto

Written by G.T. Moore

9. Sound Of The Ghetto Dub


10. Heal The Blind

Written by G.T. Moore

11. Heal The Blind Dub



Producer, Mixed by Jah Works (Rej Forte)
Horns Jeff Hawkins
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Melodica G.T. Moore
Backing Vocals Maddy




Partial Records  couldn't start our year better with their rerelease of "Ganja Flower" on vinyl (originally released in 2005 on Jah Works) The whole album is now available on two 10" discs. Recorded at Martin Campell's Channel One U.K. All instruments are G.T. Moore, additional string synth Rej Forte. On the B-side is a dub version called Solomon's Temple.. [Limited to 500 copies for each part]

Now available at:
Jahwaggyrecords, Dubvendor, Redeyerecords, Juno ,....

Partial Records