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Aquarium Drunkard - Article

In an October 2010 issue of The Believer, I made passing reference to GT Moore and the Reggae Guitars, as the band Moore rather weirdly left Heron to pursue. However, Moore’s sophomore crew did go on to draw a large enough following on the pub rock circuit to see them through to the onset of punk. And unlike Heron they seem to have toured extensively during this time, opening shows for the likes of Jimmy Cliff, Thin Lizzy, and Dr Feelgood. As mentioned in the Heron article (albeit dismissively in a footnote), they also happened to draw a reggae groove out of “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” well before Clapton got there. All right, they could be seen as the simply first in a long line of dubious white boy reggae outfits…but every time I listen to “Move It On Up”, I want to overlook all that. As the band smolders into a late-night, barnstormy funk/rock/reggae amalgam, I want to apologize for reducing them to a footnote in the already wispy history of Heron. For six whole minutes, I want to point and say: listen, here were the original White Men in Hammersmith Palais, the real Regatta De Blanc. Respect.’ words / dk o’hara

DK O'Hara, Aquarium Drunkard, 2014

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