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Roundhouse Live Review

There's no one alive could compete with G. T. Moore and the reggae guitars. Can white­ men play the rhythm of the Rasta? G.T. Moore can and he turned the second half of this concert into a carnival. Paul Kossoff's drummer Tony Braunagle dropped in for a blow and The Reggae Guitars threatened to show everybody the way home. Diana Ross' "I'm Still Waiting" and Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" showed what a fine rhythm machine Martin Hayward on guitar, Tom Whyte on bass and Steve Holly on drums have come to be. A couple of years in the pubs have paid dividends, cos there's really no way that they can fail to be right up there with some of the more illustrious purveyors of J. A. funk. Following G. T. Moore was hard, especially with a backing band of session men, hastily tied together for a few gigs. But with musicians of the calibre of Dave Mattacks pounding on the tubs, B. J. Cole and his pedal steel, the illustrious Rabbit on assorted keyboards and David John rounding things off on bass. . . who could fail?

. Chas de Whalley, NME September 1975