G.T. Moore | Natalia



Weaver of words, who lives alone, in fear and sorrow
Where is the word, that sets you free, perhaps tomorrow
Where is the earth, where is the sky, where is the light you long for?
Whet hope have you, where you are now
Natalia Gorbanevskaya?

Inside the ward, naked and cruel, where life is stolen
From those who try, to stay alive, and still be human
Where are the friends, where are the men, who among them can defend you?
Where is the child you never see
Natalia Gorbanevskaya?

What is there left, behind the door, that never opens
Are you insane, as they say you are, or just forsaken
Are you still there, do you still care, or are you lost forever?
I know this song, you'll never hear
Natalia Gorbanevskaya