G.T. Moore | King's Road


King's Road

If you see me walkin', walkin' down the street
Just walk on by, don't stop and speak
Please don't stop to look into my eyes
If you look into my eyes you'll get a surprise

(*) I tell myself
You fell by the road
You turned around like you turned to stone
I tell myself
Somehow you got lost
As we were running down
Running down the King's Road

I've got so many feelings, bottled up inside
Where every laugh is hollow and every tear is dry
I tell myself so many things to keep my spirit high
I say that it's the truth, but I know it's a lie

(*) Repeat

Once there was a time I thought a lot about the King
The Beauty and the Power, the meaning of everything
Now I just see the road twisting dark with pain
Sing softly to myself as I walk on in the rain