G.T. Moore | Harlequin 2


Harlequin 2

Little girl in the middle of the week
Solitaire in the middle of the street
Wondering how it ever got this way
Thinking now she'll have to go away
Whatever can she say
She'll never be the same

Little boy in the middle of the street
Jumpin up and down while the people are asleep
Climbin in and out of windows and he thinks he's in a tree

See the lights poppin all over town
Little girl at the window now
Little creatures that crawl on the ground
He's gone upstairs and he won't come down

Deep in the city the night has begun
Where the giant eyed children run
Tey're alright they're O.K. by me
It's just like sitting in front of the sea
Or inside a tree or at the end of a quay

I cant wait to have my fun
Money's gone and the day is done
through the cafe streets I will run
I hear them say what a day this has been
One of them says I think it's about to begin
They all think it's a wonderful scene
Say it's alright and you let them all in