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G.T. Moore (The Outsider) - Meets The High-Tech-Roots Dynamics at Channel One UK (1996)

G.T. Moore & The Lost Ark Band | Seek The Kingdom Firt
1. Alfa

Written by G.T. Moore

2. George William Gordon

3. Rumours Of War


4. Damascus Gate

5. Warm Love

6. Jerusalem

Written by G.T. Moore

7. Livin' Vibes
8. Serengetti


9. Freedom Struggle


10. Distant Thunder



Melodica, Lead Guitar, Keyboards, Penny Whistle G.T. Moore (The Outsider)
Drums, Bass-Keys Martin Campbell
Keyboards, Riddim Guitar M.J. Harris
Riddim & Lead Guitar Rej Forte
Saxophone Tim Hill
Bass Guitar Steve Swan
Piano Squidjy
Produced by Jah Rej (Rej Forte)








Recorded at Channel One U.K. by M.J. Harris