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G.T. Moore - Ganja Flower (2005)

G.T. Moore & The Lost Ark Band | Seek The Kingdom Firt
1. Ganja Flower

Written by G.T. Moore

2. Ganja Flower Dub

3. Divided City

Written by G.T. Moore

4. Divided City Dub

5. New Day Dub

6. Turn Israel

Written by G.T. Moore

7. Turn Israel Dub
8. Sound Of The Ghetto

Written by G.T. Moore

9. Sound Of The Ghetto Dub


10. Heal The Blind

Written by G.T. Moore

11. Heal The Blind Dub



Producer, Mixed by Jah Works (Rej Forte)
Horns Jeff Hawkins
Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Melodica G.T. Moore
Backing Vocals Maddy





G.T. Moore has been making Reggae music for the the last thirty years. His Reggae Guitars were the first white group to succesfully create an authentic reggae sound, producing two albums for the major label Charisma in the early seventies. Over the years the multi-talented G.T. Moore has been much in demand as a session musician with such renown names as Lee Perry and Sly & Robbie. Besides that he also continued working on solo projects as can be witnessed on this brand new release on Jah Rej's Jah Works label. G.T. Moore's "Ganja Flower" is a great and appealing song performed over a fresh wemm maid riddim coming 'inna rockers stylee'. G.T. Moore's call for the legalisation of the "Holy Herb" is already an underground classic as the song has been regularly played from Dub Plate Waxings by Jah Shaka Sound System (amongst others). Also the dubs versions are worth hearing. Teacher & Mr. T, reggae-vibes.com, 2003



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